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gsuite promo code - save money

To make it easier and more attractive for you to join G Suite, Google offers a 20% discount through its G Suite Promo Code.

What’s a promo code?

Normally, a discount is attached to a promo code, and the same is the case with the G Suite Promo Code.

When you are about to make a payment, if there is a provision to enter a promo code, and provided you have a valid promo code, you can add it to the checkout form and the amount associated with the promo code is automatically deducted out of the total payment that you have to make.

You can avail your G Suite Promo Code when you are signing up for your G Suite account for the first time or when you have used up your trial period and now you are signing up for the paid version.

The G Suite (Google Apps) discount coupon code is available for both Basic and Business plans for a whole year. You can apply the coupon in 24 countries including the USA.

Using the G Suite Promo Code is quite straightforward.

As mentioned above, Google suggests you use the promo code when you are signing up for the paid version of the Google Office suite.

The company does not offer the suite coupons on its own so, you must hunt for a discount coupon yourself. If the discount code is available in your country, you are automatically given an option to enter it at the time of switching to the paid version.

How you can use G Suite Promo Code

Listed below is the entire procedure of how you can use the G Suite Promo Code.

1. Visit G Suite website

The first thing you have to do is go to the G Suite website

g suite registration - click get started button

Once you are on the website, you can click the “Get Started” button.

You head to the following screen:

g suite 14 day trial getting strated


As the screen explains, once you have signed up for your G Suite account, you can use business email, video conferencing, online storage (depends on which account you opt for) and other business tools. Although it is not mentioned here, the other business tools also include

  • The complete Google Apps suite including Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation slides and forms)
  • Real-time syncing with business applications like Salesforce
  • Google Vault
  • Gmail web-based interface even for your business email
  • Integration with Jamboard
  • Google Meet (text, audio and video conferencing) 

The above screen also tells you that once you have signed up, you get a 14-day trial period during which you can use all the features of your G Suite account without any financial commitment. You will need to use the G Suite business Promo Code once your trial period is over and you start paying for the service.

2. Choose number of employees

When you click the “Next” button you come to the following screen

choose business employee number - gsuite registration

Here you mention how many employees you have in your organization. The promo code will be applicable to all the users that you add in your G Suite account. Later on you can change these numbers according to your need. After choosing the number of employees, click “Next”.

3. Choose your business location

select business location - G suite registration

Google needs your location information to set up the currency of your billing as well as to provide you geolocation-specific services. Enter your country and click “Next”.

4. Enter your current email address.

enter your current email address - g suite registration

Your current email address is needed because, while your new email address that you will be managing through your G Suite account is being set up, Google is able to communicate with you.

It will need to verify you and it will also need to send you some system-specific settings that you will need to tweak with your web hosting company to be able to receive and send your emails through G Suite.

Again, here, you need to enter your current email ID that you are able to use, not the new email ID that you’re trying to create through G Suite. Click “Next” after that.

5. You need a domain name

choose whether you already have a domain

A domain name will be needed. Since you plan to use a business email ID with G Suite, you will need a top-level domain name. If you have it, you can click “Yes, I have one I can use”, and if you don’t have it, you can click “No, I need one”.

If you don’t have a domain, through Google you can register one.

For the sake of this instruction-set, let us suppose that you already have a domain name and you haven’t yet set it up with any other G Suite account. Remember that the purpose of this write-up is to tell you how you will reach the screen where Google asks you for the discount code.

So, let’s assume that you click “Yes, I have one I can use”.

6. Enter your domain name

enter your business domain name - gsuite registration

Please keep in mind that the domain that you enter must already be registered and it should not have any other G Suite account associated with it. Click “Next”.

7. Confirm domain name

enter you domain name


Google is just confirming that you are going to use the domain that you have just entered for managing your email. Google again offers you to buy a new domain name in case you want a different domain name for your email address. If not, click “Next”.

8. Enter your name

enter your name - gsuite registration

Enter your name and click “Next”.

9. Create new username and password

setup username and password - g suite registration

You will use this screen to enter the username. This may not be your usual email ID that you will be using to communicate with your customers and employees. You can create this username just to manage your admin area.

You will also enter the password. Note down the password because later on you will need it. Click “Next”.

10. Confirm you’re not a robot

recaptcha verification - gsuite registration

Here, Google just want to make sure that you’re not a robot.

im being discriminated - g suite promo code

Though, with rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, those days are not very far away when a robot will try to sign up for a G Suite account and will feel offended when it comes across this verification.

11. Account successfully created

G suite account created

There you have it. Google says that your G Suite account is created. You can now proceed to “Setup”.

12. Login to your new G Suite account

login to g suite admin console

You will need to sign in with the credentials you just created.

Sometimes Google gets suspicious and it needs an extra layer of verification. It may or may not happen in your case. It asks for verification code that it sends to your mobile phone.

verify your identity - gsuite
enter phone verification code

13. Accept terms and conditions

And then, the usual legalese you can read, take printout, or skip quickly.

G suite terms and conditions

After you have “Accepted” Google’s terms and conditions, you are presented with the following options…

14. Click ‘Start’ button

setup gsuite

In case you click the “Start” button you will have to go through the entire process of verifying your domain name – you have to prove that the domain name actually belongs to you before you can proceed with adding email ids to your G Suite account.

Again, we are more interested in reaching the stage where Google asks you for the G Suite promo code. So, let’s for the time being skip this nitty-gritty and click “Manual Setup”. This brings us to the following screen:

15. Go to admin console

G suite manual domain setup

Since the Billing section is inside the Admin Console, click “Go to Admin Console”, and you come to this:

16. Go to Billing

click g suite billing

Here, click “Billing” so that you reach here:

17. Set Up Billing

click set up billing link

Google takes another opportunity to let you know that there are multiple options for you. You can go for G Suite Enterprise as well as G Suite Business. Let’s stick to G Suite Basic for the time being and proceed with “Set up Billing”.

18. Choose G Suite plan

g suite purchase options - gsuite basic g suite business


Google doesn’t want to give up. Just in case you want to switch to a more advanced account, you can do it here, otherwise you can “Select” G Suite Basic, and then click on the “Promotion Code” link, this is where you need to put promo code to save 20% on your G Suite.

19. Click ‘Promotion Code’ link

click promotion code link - g suite registration

Now you can put the promo code which you got from, or get it here (G Suite Promotion Code) if don’t have it yet.

20. Paste promo code

enter promotion code - g suite registration
Enter the promo code to save 20% for the whole year.

Frequently Asked Questions about G Suite Promotion

The Google apps discount code is available in the following countries:

    • USA
    • Canada
    • Argentina
    • Mexico
    • Columbia
    • Brazil
    • Peru
    • Chile
    • India
    • Australia
    • UAE
    • New Zealand
    • Singapore
    • Japan
    • Hong Kong
    • UK
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • France
    • Spain
    • Ireland
    • Portugal
    • Belgium
    • Italy

It depends on how much an annual subscription costs in your part of the world or in the country you live in. We have presented the rates for different countries below:


Actual Price

After promo code








$ 50












₹ 1500

₹ 1200






$ 40

New Zealand









Hong Kong




































Getting the G Suite Promo Code from our website is very simple, go here to grab your G Suite Promo Code.

You will get a pop-up. Fill in your details and we will immediately email a valid discount code to your email ID. That’s why, make sure you enter a valid email ID that you regularly use.

So, go ahead. Get the discount coupon from our website, then go back to your G Suite admin console and enter the promo code to avail 20% discount for the whole year.

Googally is a Google Cloud Partner and all services are dedicated to help business move to Google Cloud.

We provide setup, training, administration and G Suite migration services to migrate you from any platform to G Suite.

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