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Thousands of our emails were migrated without a glitch from Rackspace to G Suite, It was a peace of mind to work with Googally.

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At Bianca e Nero, our job is to uncover your company’s secret and make it known to as many potential customers as possible. This secret is the your “brand essence” and is what allows you to connect with your customers in an honest and meaningful way.


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Long story short

If you are reading this, I assume you are on Rackspace email like we were and now planning to switch to G Suite, so let me take you through my story with Googally, hopefully it might help you make the right choice.

My name is Terry Pierce and am the owner of a creative agency “Bianca e Nero”, We believe it takes great thinkers to solve tough problems. That’s why Bianca e Nero was created to give companies and organizations with the courage to stand out, an alternative to traditional agencies with their traditional thinking.

The problem

Easy collaboration, so we switched to G Suite

We were happy with Rackspace initially, however being a creative agency collaboration is must for us, and thats when we started looking for better options, on the other side managing mailbox quotas was a pain as we send and receive lots of attachments like graphics & wireframes.

One of our friends recommended G Suite to us, and after a bit of study, it didn’t take us long to finalize it as our new system for email and collaboration, but we were not sure how would we migrate our tens of thousands of emails.

Googally took time to look at our queries and helped us understand their whole migration process

This was the time when my developer friend found Googally via a Google search and suggested to take a look, their website had some good information but we wanted to know even more, afterall it was a matter of our years of valuable data, hence we filled out their form with our queries.

Their first email was a bit long, but we appreciate they took time to look at our queries and helped us understand their whole migration process, approach and pricing, we were convinced and started the project same week.

Rackspace to G Suite

Perfect Migration from Rackspace to G Suite

Godaddy to G Suite

Migrate seamlessly from Godaddy to G Suit

Hostgator to G Suite

Flawless Migration from Hostgator to G Suite