Google Chromebook

This device is for you, each Chromebook is packed with Google’s Innovations.

Fast & Ease to Use

  • Chromebooks are built on Chrome OS, and boot in just 8 seconds.
  • You don’t need any setup, just login with your google account and you are all set in minutes.
  • Easy to use like your familiar Google tools.

Easy Administration

  • Manage all your Chromebooks from one single G Suite Administration Console.
  • Track & Assign devices, install apps or whitelist them from control panel.
  • Control who can use Chromebooks, prevent outside users, disable guest mode…..

Innovative like you

  • You can search by voice and get things done quickly.
  • Chromebooks make it easy to pick up your work where you left by syncing all your devices.
  • You can access data even when you are not connected to Internet.
google chromebooks - built in security in

Built in Security

  • Your Chromebook comes with inbuilt virus protection to keep you safe from all known threats.
  • It automatically updates so you always get best out of your Chromebook.
  • When you use web apps all important data is stored safely in the cloud.
Google chrome data migration

Switch with Smile

  • Googally makes it easy for you to switch from other devices to Google Chromebooks
  • We help you migrate all your data including email, documents, photos and more…
  • Everything you need, nothing you don’t in your light weight device.

Why Googally?

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