Is G Suite Free?

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Google apps service status

Google does not offer free edition, but.

  • Google used to offer “G Suite free edition” (also known as google apps standard edition) till December 5, 2012, but effective December 6, 2016 Google stopped offering it to new customers.
  • However, for those who subscribed to google apps free edition (called grandfathered edition) can retain it as long as they want.

One way to get G Suite free

  • Now, there are still some ways to get G Suite free edition as there are some companies which sell it, the way it works is-:
  • They have already subscribed to G Suite free edition, when google was offering it for free.
  • So what they do is, they add your domain name to their free account which let you create users, groups and leverage most of the google apps for work features which are now available only in google apps for work paid edition
Google apps service status dashboard

When you upgrade from google apps free to google apps for work, you will have to upgrade with all users, not only with the few ones, for e.g if your google apps standard edition has 50 free users, once you created 50 users, if you need 5 more users, then you will need to upgrade to paid edition with all 55 users, not just 5.

Why Googally?

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