Easily Setup G Suite on your iphone

Access & Sync your Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts

Step 1

  • Switch on your iPhone and unlock it its locked by passcode
  • Click on the “Settings” Icon

Step 2

  • Scroll down in the settings till you see “Mail, Contacts and Calendar
  • Click on “Mail, Contacts and Calendar”

Step 3

  • Now as You need to add a new G Suite account at your iPhone
  • Go Ahead and Click on “Add Account”

Step 4

  • Click on “Exchange”
  • If you are wondering why Exchange and not Google, then Google has licensed Microsoft’s ActiveSync which offers sync of mail, calendar and contacts on mobile devices.

Step 5

  • Email = Enter your full G Suite email address such as username@yourdomain.com
  • Password = Your G Suite Password
  • Description = Enter anything you like to call this account, such as “My abc.com G Suite Account”
  • Click on Next

Step 6

  • Email = Your full G Suite email address
  • Server = m.google.com
  • Domain = Optional, you may leave it blank
  • User Name = Your full G Suite email address
  • Password = Your G Suite Password
  • Description = Write anything, this will not impact the Setup
  • Click on Next

Step 7

  • Select the applications you want to sync with your iPhone such as Email, Contacts and Calendar
  • By default, they will be selected.
  • Click on Save

Congratulations, you did it, yeah...

Your will soon see your G Suite emails, contacts and calendar in your iPhone!

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