GoDaddy to G Suite

Absolutely Clean Godaddy to G Suite Migration


What we migrate

  • All your Godaddy emails to Gmail including Folder/Label hierarchy
  • All your Godaddy calendar appointments including past entries to Google Calendar
  • All your Contacts from Godaddy Address book to Google Contacts

How we migrate from Godaddy to Google Apps

  • We migrate all your Godaddy emails to Gmail with server side migration approach
  • Your users can keep on working on Godaddy when we migrate, no work interruption
  • You will get 100% managed migration, no user involvement required

Your advantages with Googally!

No Downtime

We guarantee zero downtime migration, switch with ease with us.

Unlimited Migration

300 or 300,000, we’ll migrate all your emails.

Post Migration Support

You will get 30 days free post migration support.

Email Clients Setup

Step by Step support to configure Outlook and other email clients.

Mobile Clients Setup

Step by Step support to configure your iOS and Android devices.

Adoption Program

Free Text and Video Content series for your team.

Why Googally?