Godaddy to G Suite migration System Requirements

So you have decided to migrate from Godaddy to G Suite with us. Congratulations. In this post we will tell you what information we need to migrate you from Godaddy to G Suite smoothly.

Migration Requirements

1. G Suite Super Administrator Credentials

We need your G Suite Super Administrator email id and password to login and make required changes so Google can ingest the emails from Godaddy to your G Suite users mailboxes.

You can either provide your existing G Suite Super Administrator credentials, or create a new mailbox and assign it super administrator rights.

Please skip this requirement if you have not setup G Suite yet. We will set it up for you without any additional charges.

2. Your DNS Credentials (Optional)

You should also provide us access to your DNS, its the place where your domain name servers are hosted (e.g Godaddy). We will need to make certain changes in your DNS.

We follow a proven Godaddy to G Suite Migration process but please let us know If you are not comfortable sharing your DNS credentials.

We can also send the required DNS changes for you to make. You should be available on weekend for couple of hours if you prefer to do this yourself.

3. Advance Migration Fee 50% (Required)

We use premium migration utility and expert resources for your Godaddy to G Suite migration, hence we require 50% project advance fee to allocated our resources to your migration project.

we charge 50% of the total pricing after the project as a token of assurance of quality. Our digital invoicing system provides convenience to use any credit card.

4. Your Company Logo (Optional)

We can personalize your users G Suite mailboxes with your logo instead of Google’s default one. This logo appears at the top of your users’ services window, after they sign in to their account. 

Please provide us the logo with following size and dimensions. 

G Suite Logo – File Size and Format

  • PNG or GIF format
  • Maximum file size: 30KB
  • Maximum dimensions: 320 x 132 pixels
  • Important: Images with smaller dimensions will scale. But for the logo to upload, you must use the same aspect ratio.

5. Godaddy Details (Required)

We will also need access to your Godaddy control panel. We will use this information to connect our migration utilities to Godaddy and G Suite.


Most frequent questions and answers about Godaddy to G Suite migration.

Aha, That’s a great question.

You don’t want you to juggling around systems, or answering 300 odd questions to migrate from Godaddy  to G Suite, do you?

Here at Googally, all we ask you is to provide some information (mentioned here) and you are done!

Seriously, thats it.

We do all the heavy lifting required to migrate you from Godaddy to G Suite within a weekend.

We can’t pay, but feel free to make a trip to Hawaii after providing us required information. You need not to worry about your data migration, its all taken care by our G Suite experts here.

Oh Yes! We Can.

Let us reveal couple of secrets.

We use premium data migration tools resulting in thunderstorm like speedy data migration.

If you users have ~ 5 GB of data in their mailboxes, we can migrate them fully within a weekend.

But how about mailboxes which are much larger, say 20 GB?

Great Question, seems you have some email supermans, but no worries we can help them fly too.

Our super smart G Suite experts migrate your data from latest to oldest. So when your heavy users login to their G Suite mailboxes on Monday morning, they will have at least last 2-3 years of email.

Rest of their emails will keep on migrating behind the scenes, so you are kinda all set (unless you are really lagging behind and want to reply to that 7 year old email:).

Thats not why you hired us, right?

Obviously there are some limitations where Gmail will reject to accept emails, think of cases where someone is trying to migrate an email with virus, or an email with an attachment larger than 50 MB (Gmail’s limit is 50 MB), thats a No NO.

But other than these fair reasons, all your Godaddy emails would go right into your G Suite Gmail just like cream cheese in a plain bagel.

Nothing is impossible.

If you are determined you can even go to the moon.

So instead of asking “Can’t we do it by ourselves?” rather ask “Should we do it ourselves”?.

If you want to do it yourself, you can………. but you will need to put in a few hours, days or even weeks to learn the in and outs of G Suite migration, and still be doing hit and try.

Unless you are a student who wants to learn things by investing a few days or weeks, it will make better business sense to hire us.

We make our living migrating businesses from variety of systems to G Suite every weekend. 

We know what it takes to migrate those tiny and gigantic emails, that huge folder structure and a long list of those calendar appointments.

We can help you smoothly migrate from Godaddy to G Suite, and definitely save you reasonable time, energy and money.

Hmm, now you are almost convinced :).

We are different than other G Suite in two things.

Pricing and Process

1. Pricing 

Our customers tell us after getting G Suite migration quotes from our competitors that our pricing is ridiculous.

You will find our pricing almost 3 times cheaper than of our competitors in , sometimes even 4 times cheaper.

You don’t believe us? then ask us for a quote, and compare us to see a difference.

One of our customers was transparent enough to share the $1100 quote he got from another Google Cloud partner. We migrated them smoothly to G Suite in $260. Did you notice the price difference? ;).

2. Process

I know you have a question now.

How can these guys deliver quality work if their pricing is so reasonable?

Did you guess the answer?

Yes, You are right! 

It is our Process.

“Our Proven, Established, and Automated” Godaddy to G Suite migration process which makes it easy.

You gotta really learn more about our migration process here.

Indeed You can.

Once we start your data migration, you will be provided access to a Google Sheet. We call it G Suite Migration Status Dashboard.

and this is how it looks……………….

Godaddy to G Suite Migration Project – Sample Status Dashboard


It will help you see the progress of every small task of your G Suite migration project even without putting barbeque sauce.

Now we are talking!

Lets do it apple style.

This is the most easiest thing we ever created where we redefined the definition of simplicity.

If you want to migrate to G Suite without a glitch, contact us above (or simply click here) and we will provide you all information.