Godaddy to Google Workspace migration System Requirements

So you have decided to migrate from Godaddy to Google Workspace with us. Congratulations. In this post we will tell you what information we need to migrate you from Godaddy to Google Workspace smoothly.

Migration Requirements

1. Google Workspace Super Administrator Credentials

We need your Google Workspace Super Administrator email id and password to login and make required changes so Google can ingest the emails from Godaddy to your Google Workspace users mailboxes.

You can either provide your existing Google Workspace Super Administrator credentials, or create a new mailbox and assign it super administrator rights.

Please skip this requirement if you have not setup Google Workspace yet. We will set it up for you without any additional charges.

2. Your DNS Credentials (Optional)

You should also provide us access to your DNS, its the place where your domain name servers are hosted (e.g Godaddy). We will need to make certain changes in your DNS.

We follow a proven Godaddy to Google Workspace Migration process but please let us know If you are not comfortable sharing your DNS credentials.

We can also send the required DNS changes for you to make. You should be available on weekend for couple of hours if you prefer to do this yourself.

3. Advance Migration Fee 50% (Required)

We use premium migration utility and expert resources for your Godaddy to Google Workspace migration, hence we require 50% project advance fee to allocated our resources to your migration project.

we charge 50% of the total pricing after the project as a token of assurance of quality. Our digital invoicing system provides convenience to use any credit card.

4. Your Company Logo (Optional)

We can personalize your users Google Workspace mailboxes with your logo instead of Google’s default one. This logo appears at the top of your users’ services window, after they sign in to their account. 

Please provide us the logo with following size and dimensions. 

Google Workspace Logo – File Size and Format

  • PNG or GIF format
  • Maximum file size: 30KB
  • Maximum dimensions: 320 x 132 pixels
  • Important: Images with smaller dimensions will scale. But for the logo to upload, you must use the same aspect ratio.

5. Godaddy Details (Required)

We will also need access to your Godaddy control panel. We will use this information to connect our migration utilities to Godaddy and Google Workspace.


Most frequent questions and answers about Godaddy to Google Workspace migration.

Migration from one service to another, especially when you are using IT infrastructure for handling your business email, contacts and calendars, can disturb your peace of mind.

You must have been using GoDaddy for many years and even though you’re thinking of moving to Google Workspace, you know that massive amounts of your data reside on the GoDaddy servers.

What if something goes wrong?

What if you lose thousands of your emails, contacts, or calendar schedules?

What if the chronology of all your email threads – your critical negotiations and conversations that you have had with your customers and clients – go topsy-turvy and after the migration, you can make no sense of what you’re talking about?

We totally understand the gravity of the situation.

Therefore, we have designed and evolved our GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration service in such a manner that one, it happens without disrupting your ongoing business activities, and two, every bit of information is migrated/transferred intact, as it is.

That is, total peace of mind.


Over the years we have observed that one of the biggest problems businesses all over the world face while trying to migrate from one service to another is the downtime that they have to suffer due to all the processes involved.

Our proprietary migration process achieves two things for you:

The entire GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration happens without obstructing your ongoing business communications and operations;

We follow a “latest to oldest” migration strategy that enables you to resume your business activities on Google Workspace coming Monday even if your entire gamut of emails, contacts and calendar entries hasn’t yet been transferred.

The data of the past two years can be easily transferred within a weekend and this gives you enough traction to carry on your business while the rest of the data is brought to the new Google Workspace server with great care.

The rarest of the rare cases.

Do you suspect many of your emails may carry viruses?

Do you think you have many email communications carrying more than 50 MB of attachments?

These are the types of emails that Google Workspace often rejects.

Aside from these two reasons, all your GoDaddy material will be migrated to your new Google Workspace setup nary a problem.

But of course, there are other ways of getting your heavier emails over to Google Workspace and therefore, you are hiring us.

Of course, you can do it on your own.

After all, it is your data, your account on GoDaddy, your account on Google Workspace, and above all, your business.


But before you decide to migrate on your own, give it a thought to why migration services like ours exist. Why do people hire us?


The thing is, and we don’t mean to scare you or anything, there are zillions of things that can go wrong during the migration and even a small oversight or mistake can have a cascading effect.


Special tools are required to migrate all your email threads, contacts and calendar entries with the same chronology.


A distinct methodology is needed to ensure that there is no downtime during the migration.


So, if you can risk losing your data, if you can risk causing disruptions to your business communications, and if you can risk the consistency of years of email threads, then sure, go ahead.


Having said that, we are an experienced GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration service that helps businesses transition from multiple cloud services to Google Workspace, as a living.


Since we have been providing migration services for years, there is practically every situation we have tackled and every problem we have solved.


In fact, our entire migration process has been evolved keeping all the problems and predicaments that can crop up during GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration, especially if you have years of emails (the number can easily run into hundreds of thousands).


Hence, you have two options:


  1. Do the migration on your own and risk losing your emails, contacts and calendar entries and on the top of that, risk a prolonged downtime;

  2. Assign the job to us, have a nice weekend, and resume your business through your brand-new Google Workspace setup.

We fare better than our competitors at two levels:




Although we don’t promote ourselves as one of the cheapest GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration services, compared to our competitors, the price gap is very difficult to ignore.


A small example: One of our existing Google Workspace partners was given a quotation of $1100 and we did the same job for him in merely in $260!


No, we don’t cut corners to provide cheap GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration services, it’s just that our process is optimized in such a way that it enables us to serve more clients in less time.


Migration process


As mentioned above, it’s our migration process that enables us to charge almost 1/3rd of our competitors.


Though we wouldn’t like to claim that we learn at your expense, every new project is a learning experience and directly and indirectly, it helps us refine our migration process.


Over the years, we have refined our migration process and migration tools to such an extent that no matter how big your data is, we can transfer a big chunk of it during a single weekend and then carry on the job in the background while you can start using your new Google Workspace setup to do your business.



You have the highest stake in the process and hence, you should always be in the know.

To achieve this, we use a customized Google Sheet that is updated every couple of hours by our staff dedicated to your project. Whenever you want to check how things are, you can log onto this Google Sheet and see the status.

Are you a visual person? Good.

The sheet also includes visual charts that present to you the various aspects of your migration process graphically.

GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration project – Sample status dashboard


Welcome aboard!

It’s not just that you have decided to hire us for your GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration needs, we are also happy for you that you have decided to switch over to Google Workspace which we firmly believe is the best cloud-based suite available in the contemporary world.

Fill up the contact form and we will get back to you fast.

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