Office 365 to G Suite Migration in a Weekend.

Everything included in our “All in One” migration package, just sit back, relax and let us migrate you from Office 365 to G Suite smoothly.

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Office 365 to G Suite migration

What do we migrate for you?

Your Emails

We migrate your emails from Office 365 to Gmail including attachments & Folder structure

Your Calendar Events

We migrate all your past, current and future Office 365 calendar events to Google Calendar.

Your Contacts

We also migrate all your Office 365 contacts to Google (G Suite) Contacts with all contact details.

Customer Success Story

"I loved the part that I never had to email them to ask for migration progress as they gave me access to a Google Sheet project based project tracker to keep track of the progress. ".

CEO & Founder | Torqmaster
Midland, TX

Proven Migration Process

  • Your Office 365 data will be migrated Blazing Fast on high performance Google Cloud virtual machines.
  • No Downtime, You get Peace of Mind. Just relax, and watch us migrate you smoothly to G Suite this weekend.
Rackspace to G Suite Migration Process Diagram

Your Migration advantages with Googally!

G Suite Setup

We will set up G Suite for your business as per Google best practices.

No Downtime

We guarantee zero downtime migration, use us to switch with ease.

Unlimited Migration

30,000 or 300,000. We’ll migrate all your Office 365 emails at fix cost.

Mobile Clients Setup

We’ll help you setup your iOS and Android devices like a PRO.

Post Migration Support

Easily settle down with our 15 days free post migration support.

Migration Updates

Stay always updated with our G Suite migration status Dashboard.


Most frequent questions and answers about Office 365 to Gmail migration.

That’s a great question.

We don’t want you to juggle around systems, or answer 100 odd questions to migrate from Office 365  to Google.

All we ask for is to provide some information (mentioned here) and that is it.

Seriously, that is it.

We do every damn required thing to migrate you to G Suite without a glitch.

Though we can’t pay for your trip, but feel free to visit Hawaii after providing us required information. You don’t need to worry about whats happening with your migration, its all taken care by G Suite experts.

We use premium migration utilities to migrate your data which means migrating at blazing fast speed.

For users with mailbox size of less than 5 GB, we usually migrate them fully within a weekend, so they see all data in their G Suite mailbox when they login on Monday morning.

For your email super users with mailbox size of more than 5 GB, our smart migration utility migrates data from latest to oldest. 

So when they login to their G Suite mailbox on Monday morning, they will have at least last couple of years of email.

Rest of their emails will keep on migrating behind the scenes, so you are kinda all set (unless you are really lagging behind and want to reply to that 6 year old email:).

Thats not why you hired us, right?

Well, obviously there are some limitations where Gmail will reject to accept emails from Office 365, think of cases like email with virus, or an email with an attachment larger than 50 MB (Gmail’s limit is 50 MB).

But other than these fair reasons, all your Office 365 emails would go right into your Gmail just like cream cheese in a plain bagel.

Nothing is impossible.

If you are determined you can even go to the moon, so instead of asking “Can’t we do it by ourselves?” you should rather be asking “Should we do it ourselves”?.

If you want to do it yourself, you can but you will need to put in a few hours (or may be days or weeks) to learn the in and outs of G Suite migration, and have some patience to hit and try things.

So unless you are a student and want to learn things by investing a few days or weeks, it will make better business sense to hire us.

We do G Suite migrations every day and we make our living with it. Our years of learning and experience can help you migrate smoothly to G Suite within a weekend. This will definitely save you substantial time, energy and money.

Thats a great question.

We are different than other Google Cloud partners in two things.

Pricing and Process

Pricing – Most of our customers who come to us after getting G Suite migration quotes from our competitors say that our pricing is ridiculous.

You will find our pricing almost 3 times cheaper than of our competitors in most of the cases, sometimes even 4 times cheaper.

One of our customers was transparent enough to share the $1100 quote he got from another Google Cloud partner. We migrated them smoothly to G Suite in $260. Did you notice the price difference? :).

Process – Now you might be asking how is their our pricing that low, how can they do it in almost 1/3 of their competitors pricing.

The answer is “Our Proven and Automated” migration process which makes it a win win.

You can learn more about our Office 365 to G Suite migrate here.

We manage your project on a Google Sheet and provide you its access right after starting your project.

Office 365 to G Suite Migration Project – Sample Status Dashboard


You can keep track of all project tasks on this sheet including visual charts for quick glance of the migration status.

We update this sheet every few hours.

Hmm, now we are talking!

Lets do it apple style.

This is the most easiest thing we ever created where we redefined the definition of simplicity.

If you want to migrate to G Suite without a glitch, contact us above (or simply click here) and we will provide you all information.