Office 365 to Google Workspace Migration System Requirements

So you have decided to migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace with us. Congratulations, In this post we will tell you what information we need to migrate you from Office 365 to Google Workspace this weekend.

Migration Requirements

1. Google Workspace Super Admin Credentials (Required)

We would need your Google Workspace Super Administrator email id and password to login and make required changes so Google can ingest the emails from Office 365 to your Google Workspace users mailboxes.

You can either provide your existing Google Workspace Super Administrator credentials, or create a new mailbox and assign it super administrator rights.

If you have not created Google Workspace yet, don’t worry about it. We will create it for your and use the admin account for migration.

2. Office 365 Admin Credentials (Required)

We will need Office 365 Super Administrator email id and password. This will be used to migrate your users emails, calendar and contacts from Office 365 to Google Workspace.

You can either provide us your administrator credentials, or create a new account for us and provide it super administrator permissions. You can then delete this account once we complete your move from Office 365 to Google Workspace.

3. Advance Migration Fee 50% (Required)

We use premium migration utility and expert resources for your Office 365 to Google Workspace migration, hence we require 50% project advance fee to allocated our resources to your migration project.

We charge 50% of the total pricing after the project as a token of assurance of quality. Our digital invoicing system provides convenience to use any credit card.

4. Your DNS Credentials (Optional)

You should also provide us access to your DNS, its the place where your domain name servers are hosted (e.g Godaddy), we will need to make certain changes in your DNS.

We follow a proven
Office 365 to Google Workspace Migration process but please let us know If you are not comfortable sharing your DNS credentials.

We can also send the required DNS changes for you to make. You should be available on weekend for couple of hours if you prefer to do this yourself.

5. Your Company Logo (Optional)

We can personalize your users Google Workspace mailboxes with your logo instead of Google’s default one.

This logo appears at the top of your users’ services window, after they sign in to their account. Please provide us the logo with following size and dimensions. 

Google Workspace Logo – File Size and Format

  • PNG or GIF format
  • Maximum file size: 30KB
  • Maximum dimensions: 320 x 132 pixels
  • Important: Images with smaller dimensions will scale. But for the logo to upload, you must use the same aspect ratio.


The most frequently asked questions and their answers about our Office 365 to Google Workspace migration services.

Here at Googally we staunchly believe that migration from Office 365 to Google Workspace shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience. 

We understand that transferring hundreds of thousands of emails, multiple email accounts, thousands of contacts and intricate calendar entries may seem like a nightmarish adventure to take on, but when it is done by the experts, it is not like that.

It’s a breeze.

Just give us the information that we need (all this information), and that’s it, seriously.

After that, we take care of everything, and everything means everything – all your migration, and the handling of glitches in case they occur.

You can literally go on a weekend holiday without giving a second thought to what we are doing. 

Hence, the expression “peace of mind” migration.


We have some premium-quality migration tools that help us migrate your data from Office 365 to Google Workspace very fast.

We tailor our migration process according to the size of the data that you have in your current Office 365 setup.

If your users have mailbox sizes less than 5 GB, we can do the job in a single weekend. When you log in on Monday, everything is right there, but instead of Office 365, you are using Google Workspace.

Mailboxes that are more than 5 GB, may require extra time and a different strategy.

Well, whatever is the size of your mailbox (and those of your employees) our approach is migrating from the most recent to the oldest and during the weekend, we can transfer at least two years of emails, calendar entries and contacts.

After migrating two years of data we begin to route all your ongoing email conversations to your Google Workspace servers so that from Monday onwards, you can start your work. Then, while you’re doing your work, we go on transferring the remaining data that you have in your Office 365 setup.


Small answer: No.

A bit longer answer: There is a reason you are hiring us. Before you, we have helped hundreds of businesses make a happy transition from Office 365 (and a range of other platforms) to Google Workspace.

We use very advanced tools exactly to make sure that no email is lost when you are being migrated from Office 365 to Google Workspace.

Primarily, there are two reasons why Google Workspace may refuse to accept email from your Office 365 server:

There is a virus in a particular email;

The email attachment is larger than 50 MB (Gmail’s limit is 50 MB)

Other than these, there is never a problem and you should never lose one of your emails.


Sure, why not?

But is it worth the risk? 

Just imagine. You have multiple employees accounts in Office 365 and these employees may have accumulated thousands of emails over all these years.

Then, you may have contacts that you don’t want to lose. There are calendar entries you don’t want to go haywire.

Most importantly, you don’t want to interrupt your business. Remember that even one email thread lost can cause your business irreparable damage.

If the ability to go on doing your business uninterrupted isn’t a big issue, if losing and saving those thousands of emails in their proper order isn’t a big issue, if losing a few hundred contacts and calendar entries here and a few there, wouldn’t be a big deal, then sure, go ahead.

We assume you have got lots of time for trial and error.

Office 365 is your server. Google Workspace is going to be your server. 

Who is there to stop you?

We have exactly the tools that seamlessly migrates all your data, intact, in proper order, from your Office 365 setup to Google Workspace setup. We can transfer two years of email (including attachments and multiple threads), contacts and calendar entries in a matter of a weekend. This is one thing.

Our time-tested methodology makes sure that there is no downtime.

We migrate your email threads in such a manner that there is no discontinuity.

We also provide post-migration support for two weeks so in case there are some hiccups or unforeseen developments, we can immediately provide you the needed help.

When you migrate through us, you will be simply logging into your Google Workspace account after the weekend.


Our pricing and our process help us distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Lower price

We believe that just as your transition from Office 365 to Google Workspace should be smooth, so should be your experience in terms of the cost. The migration shouldn’t pinch you.

We can do the complete migration to Google Workspace in a very reasonable pricing.

One of our clients was generous enough to share with us a quote that he had received from another Google Cloud Partner for $1100, we migrated him in $260.

See the difference?

Now the process (and the reason why we can charge 1/3 of our competitors)…

We have our own, indigenously developed automated migration tools that allow us to migrate all your data from Office 365 to Google Workspace blazingly fast and with miniscule scope for error.

Over the years we have honed our process and refined our tools, and this enables us to provide a remarkable service to a greater number of clients.


We have a customized Google Sheet for the job that we will share with you. We will update the information every couple of hours and you can keep track of all the migration tasks taking shape right in front of you. The sheet will also include visual charts for quick status check.


Office 365 to Google Workspace Migration Project – Sample Status Dashboard


Congratulations for taking the right decision!


Starting is as easy as contacting us. Just fill up our contact form and we will get back to you and set the ball rolling immediately. 


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