RackSpace to G Suite Migration

Rackspace to G Suite Migration in a weekend

Everything covered in our “All in One” migration package.


What gets migrated

  • Your emails get migrated from Rackspace to Gmail including the Folder structure.
  • Your Primary rackspace calendar gets migrated to Google (G Suite) Calendar.
  • All your rackspace contacts to Google Contacts.

Our Migration Process

  • Migration takes place at the back end on Google Cloud Platform virtual machines.
  • You can keep on working on Rackspace while we perform the migration, no work interruption.
  • You just relax, we do everything here to make you go-live happily to G Suite.

Switch in a Weekend

  • We do everything for you at weekend to make you go-live with G Suite on Monday morning smoothly.
  • We migrate your Rackspace data from newest to oldest, so you'll either have all or at least last 1-2 years of data at go-live.
  • If you have huge mailboxes, rest of the data keeps on migrating from Rackspace to Gmail at backend.

All in One package with complete piece of mind.

  • We understand how busy you are in your business, and won’t bug for things, all you need to provide us is a bit of information which we require to do the magic behind the scenes, our objective is to provide you peace of mind, simply give us information and relax, you would be all set with complete setup and data migration.
  • Our Rackspace to G Suite migration service package includes free G Suite setup as per Google’s best recommended guidelines.
  • If you have already setup G Suite, we will look at your setup and would make changes (if required) as per Google’s best practices.

Our Gmail migration package also includes one time user management, we will perform following for you without any additional charges-:

  • Create Users
  • Update Users
  • Delete Users
  • Export Users
  • G Suite provides lot of security features which can help you protect your users business data.
  • We set up some of the most important security features for your G Suite domain and set you up for the success.

Do you have lot of Groups and members inside those in your Rackspace? Not to worry, we will take care of creating your Groups and memberships as a bonus-:

  • Groups Creation
  • Memberships Creation
  • Delete, Update or Export Groups & Memberships
  • Your G Suite comes with Resource Calendars, which you can leverage to organize your resources such as conference rooms.
  • We provision and setup all your resource calendars as part of our process to migrate from rackspace to google apps.
  • Your users will be so happy when they have a training resource living right in their mailbox and always available for them if they want to learn any G Suite feature.
  • We also install in app G Suite training add on as part of our Rackspace to Gmail offering, the only thing you need to do is to provide us your Rackspace and DNS information, and you are all set. 

Your advantages with Googally!

No Downtime

We guarantee zero downtime migration, use us to switch with ease.

Unlimited Migration

300 or 300,000, we’ll migrate all your emails at fix cost (provided below).

Post Migration Support

You will get 30 days free post migration support, we are here for you.

Email Clients Setup

Step by Step support to configure Outlook and other email clients.

Mobile Clients Setup

Step by Step support to help your users setup iOS and Android devices.

Regular Updates

Track your migration progress with our live migration status Dashboard.

Everything Included, Fix Fee, No Hidden Charges, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Rackspace to G Suite Migration Pricing

$ 29 Per User* * $ 99 Minimum Order as we need to put lot of efforts even to migrate one user.
No Hidden Fee

Why Googally?

  • Small Business Exclusive
  • Cost Effective G Suite Migration
  • Industry Expertise
  • Process Driven Move to G Suite
  • Regular Project Communication
  • Ongoing G Suite Expert Support