Yes, Gmail has an Autoresponder

Make Gmail automated replies your little secret, send auto gmail reply to your senders based on your criteria and save time everyday, follow easy instructions below and enjoy!

1. Login to your Gmail

2. Go to Gmail Filters to create one

3. Enter your Gmail Filter criteria

4. Apply your Canned Response

If you do not see Canned Response in the list, this means you have not created one yet, you can create one quickly following these easy steps, Canned Responses Gmail

Success! Your Gmail Auto Reply is now configured


Most of the times it has to do with your criteria and canned response, make sure to meet the filter criteria when you test your auto-responder.

Also, you should always test it from another email id than your own.

You can apply all the filter conditions Gmail offers including

  • From Sender
  • To Receipient
  • Has the Words
  • Does not have
  • Has Attachment
  • Message Size

Here at Googally we use canned responses and autoresponders heavily, we have created multiple auto reply filters based on advance criteria and recommend you to have that too

If you have setup an automated reply following above steps, you will not need to anything as it will work automatically.

Your mobile devices are a way to access your Gmail, as you have setup rule in Gmail, it’ll be triggered and your replies will be sent automatically regardless of which device you use to access your Gmail

Yes, it will work even if you use Microsoft Outlook with your Gmail, because each email first hits your Gmail and will trigger your autoresponse.

Gmail has a separate setting to configure vacation responder, we recommend that if you want to setup vacation responder, here is our step by step guidance 3 simple to create intelligent vacation responder in Gmail

This might have been a great feature, but Gmail does not support it today, one workaround which we follow here at Googally is to put Google drive file links in our canned responses emails instead of attachments, and it works flawlessly.

Please make sure to apply appropriate sharing setting for your file in drive if you want to use this alternative.

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